Canasay 2k15/16

Catch up with Keiran and Bri’s trip to Canada and the USA 2015/16. Posts to this page are in reverse chronological order.

Finally got around to editing some more video. Been having way too much fun. There’s heaps more to come, once I sit down at my computer and go through it all. For now, here’s our day of skiing at Lake Louise (Min -15C, Max -8C).

We’ve had poor access to WiFi in New York and Colorado, so this Vlog has been a long time coming. I’ve skipped #6, but planning to go back and do the Whistler Vlog soon. Here’s what we got up to in Breckenridge and Keystone, Colorado.

We arrived in Denver, Colorado on separate planes. It’s like landing on a movie set. Everything is so… America. There’s snow on the ground which runs as far as the eye can see. It’s like a bowl, only the bottom is flat and the walls are far apart. This is us on the bus to Breckenridge, about two hours from Denver, rising to an elevation of 9751ft.

Denver, Colorado

Pretty much sums up the day. Truly epic. Thanks for the photobomb random dude.
Pretty much sums up the day. Truly epic. Thanks for the photobomb random dude.

My fifth Vlog practice… Japanese hot dogs and sorry, Larry.

Observation on Vancouver

People are noticeably nice. Not over the top. Just in the little things. Like an old lady who said “bye, thanks for talking to me”, after a younger lady got off the bus. It sounded like they’d just met. And how people hold open the door with a smile. And the over use of the term “oh, ok”. You say it by stepping up from the ‘oh’ to begin the upward inflection which rises through the last two syllables. Then you bounce off the ‘O’ and ‘Kay’ like your tonsils are on a trampoline.


My fourth Vlog practice… On the road to the other side of the world.

Vimeo wants to charge me to upload videos. So I’ve reverted to YouTube.

My third Vlog practice… ‘Gong Trip.

Vlog Three – Gong Dec ’15 from Keiran Deck on Vimeo.

My second Vlog practice… Coast Trip.

My first Vlog practice… Work day.

Vlog One – 25 Nov ’15 from Keiran Deck on Vimeo.

I’ve decided to document the trip using Vlogs. You can find the latest videos on my Vimeo page and I will post them here.

We even have our own hashtag! #leisurelyepic is where you’ll find all our Instagram posts.

Canada, USA… Canasay!

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