Video Production

A collection of my video production work.

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Phil Place opened his store in a quiet suburban shopping centre in Canberra in June 2013. Coming up to his two-year anniversary, Mr Place is considering opening a second store. His success is indicative of a strong niche. Records are now as popular among people who are only just learning how to drop the needle, as those who grew up listening to big discs.

In the 2013-14 financial year, record sales nearly doubled in Australia (source: ARIA) while DVD and CD sales dipped dramatically. Ironically, as Mr Place talks about here, the shop he rents used to host a DVD rental store.

Music credits:
I’m Feeling Alright – Big Mamma Thorton with the Muddy Waters Blues Band
Rock ‘N Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution (AC/DC cover) – Anti Christ Devils Children

Story by Keiran Deck
Copyright Sporghetti 2015
Thanks to Phil Place – Owner Dynomite Records
Interviewees: Andrew, Andy, Adrian


Experimenting with a different way to cover regular sporting events.


Photos, interviews and audio – Keiran Deck


I strapped a GoPro to the chest of an umpire in Canberra first grade cricket.


Editing – Keiran Deck


Julie Forster is the Canberra Capitals Academy’s newest import. The 24-year-old has a degree in business but for now, she’s finding ways to play basketball professionally. And that means travelling the world.

She’s played in the US, Europe and is now a month into the SEABL season in Australia. While Forster is living in Canberra and playing for the Canberra Capitals Academy, Yabba asked her if we could find out what why she’s doing what she does.

Forster is representative of a breed of athlete who is paid enough to avoid part time work, but is not in the public eye. We took some career tips… I mean, we asked her what it’s like living her life?


Interviewer – Leanne Gregory

Filming and editing – Keiran Deck

Thanks to Julie Forster and Fox and Bow in Farrer for the filming location.



Sport news. Click here for a range of interviews and low production cost videos.


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